St. Stephen’s Restoration Project

St Stephen’s historic church is in need of major restoration works. We have been fortunate in securing a grant of $168,000 from the Conseil du Patrimoine religieux du Quebec but we need to raise our share, $80,000, if we are to access these funds. It is important to preserve this patrimonial site in the heart of our village for the present and the future.

St. Stephens in the heart of Chelsea

St. Stephen’s church is a beautiful, historic landmark welcoming people to
Chelsea. The presbytery is home to a co-operative for local artists, while the church grounds host our summer farmer’s market. In addition, the church offers a variety of spiritual and liturgical services, available to all. Without a doubt, St. Stephen’s church does much to enrich the quality of life in our community.

However, like all historic buildings, major investments in structural renovations like the roof and windows are necessary from time to time to keep the grounds open to serve our community. Thank you very much for considering your participation in this important community project. We hope that we can count on your generous support.

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For more information please call Heath Baxa at (819) 592-2915.

Donations can be made:
• Check payable to St. Stephen’s Parish
212 chemin Old Chelsea
Chelesa, Quebec J9B 1J3

• Online: and click on “I Make an Online Donation”.

You will receive an income tax receipt for your donation over $25.