cross_ceilingBaptisms are usually celebrated on the last Sunday of the month, as required.  The process begins by registering the child using the “MY BAPTISM” form (see below). Upon receiving this duly completed form, the priest will communicate with the parents to set a date for the baptism.


Preparation sessions are mandatory for the parents. These sessions will be in the form of attending Mass for twelve (12) Sundays prior to the date of baptism. The godparents are also encouraged to participate in these sessions. These sessions will be organised by the priest on dates mutually agreeable.

Persons 7 years or older have individual preparations; please contact the parish Administrator for more information.


Only one godfather or one godmother is sufficient; there cannot be two godfathers or two godmothers. To be eligible as a godfather or godmother, one must:

  • have the aptitude and intentions of fulfilling this role;
  • be at least 16 years of age;
  • be roman catholic and have received confirmation (However, the child may have only a godfather or only a godmother who is catholic and confirmed);
  • not be the father or mother of the child.


The originals of the following certificates must be provided at least two weeks before the baptism:

  • The parents must provide the original copy of the child’s birth certificate (civil registration from the provincial government, usually requested at birth at the hospital). It will be returned to them.
  • from each godparent: a recent copy of their baptism certificate on which their confirmation has been noted;

All requested documents must be received at the parish office as soon as possible and no later than two weeks prior to baptism day.

Cost of materials

  • $50.00;
  • Please make the cheque payable to “St. Stephen’s Parish” or send an e-transfer to with the password being “baptism”.

“MY BAPTISM” Registration Form:  Please read the notes below before completing the form.

  • On-line form
    Since you are using the English version of this registration form, we will assume your wish to undergo the preparation and celebration in English.  Should you want the preparation and celebration to be done in French, please use the French version of the form.


  • PDF (92 Kb)
    If you prefer to print the form and complete it by hand, please use the PDF version of the Confirmation Registration Form

Important note : The accuracy of the information provided is paramount as it will be used to complete the parish register. The first name, other first names and family name of the child/baptized must be the same as those appearing on the civil registration certificate.