Fabrique Council

According to Article 13 of the Act respecting Fabriques (R.S.Q., Chapter F-1) a Fabrique is an ecclesiastical corporation whose object is to acquire, possess, hold and administer property for the practice of the Roman Catholic religion in the parish for which it is constituted. Practically speaking, the Fabrique ensures the administrative and financial management of the parish.

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The Fabrique of St. Stephen’s parish is composed of a presider, a priest moderator of the parish, the pastor of the anglophone community and of six churchwardens, representing both the anglophone and francophone parishioners.

Currently, the members of the Fabrique of St. Stephen’s parish are:

Role Name End of Term Responsibilities
President : Pierre Le Bel
Pastor : Father Jean-Roland Joseph
Wardens:  Brenda Brulotte  2025 Vice-President and Treasurer
Siobhan Barr 2024 Secretary
Jennifer Harris 2025  
  Joe O’Neill 2025 Communications
Gary McIntyre 2025 Special Projects, Chair of the Cemetery Committee