Action Plan (May 2014)

Please call or e-mail the contact person if you are interested in joining a team and/or you have skills that could be useful to the team.

Specific action Team Contact – Telephone E-mail
Develop Children liturgy, sacramental preparation, activities to encourage children to continue to visit St. Stephen. Encourage and financially support liturgy program training, workshops and seminars for volunteers involved in religious education and faith formation. Rosemonde AsselinKatharina Keet- Mercure

Gary McIntyre


Rosemonde Asselin
(819) 827-0239 
Organize two to three joint meetings of the English and French pastoral committees per year to share experiences and work jointly towards our Mission; organize at least three bilingual services/masses per year; reinstate bilingual Christmas Eve mass if feasible. Rosemonde AsselinSuzanne Gibeault

Marie-Andrée Bruneau

David Lawless


David Lawless 
Develop a Parish communications strategy to ensure the vision and mission of the Parish/church are promoted through all its activities, events, fundraisers and community relations. Use our online presence (website/social media) to promote our youth liturgy and other programs. Suzanne Gibeault Suzanne Gibeault
(819) 827-9260 
Develop a volunteer recruitment program, training, recognition. Engage with schools and youth organizations to provide volunteer opportunity hours for student achievements and awards recognitions. Informal recruitment: All the current volunteers  Need a name 
Welcome community events on church grounds (Farmers’ Market, Chelsea en fête, Chelsea cultural days, etc). Continue our Saturday “Open Doors/Portes ouvertes” program. Suzanne Gibeault
(819) 827-9260 
Prepare an inventory of our physical assets (financial, buildings, land, and other physical assets), determine how these may be used to support our Mission now and in the long term and develop programs to accomplish this. Michel BlondinTerry O’Byrne


Terry O’Byrne
(819) 827-1286 
Develop surveys, conduct focus groups, internally (Parish) and externally (Community) on expectations, needs, desires, and our relevancy. Can be done anonymously using paper mail-in or via online web survey tool. Jérôme DoutriauxKatarina Keet-Mercure


Jérôme Doutriaux
(819) 827-0694 
Develop a fundraising team/committee whose purpose is to make proposals to the Fabrique Council on feasible and lucrative fundraisers at least 3 times a year. Gary McIntyreCarol Doutriaux


Gary McIntyre
(819) 827-9426