St-Stephen's churchEven though the community of St. Stephen’s parish is divided in two linguistic entities, the administrative and financial management of the parish is ensured by only one Fabrique council. However, for pastoral reasons, the parish has been regrouped with two other English parishes: Our Lady of Annunciation and St. Elizabeth.

The three parishes function under a Joint Parish Pastoral Council who meets every two months and a Pastoral Parish Council (PPC) in each parish who meet every two months as well, alternating with the Joint PPC.

Our Vision

The vision of St. Stephen’s parish is to be an authentic ambassador for Christ shining forth in the Chelsea community with grace, unity, fellowship, and harmony.

Mission Statement

  • To meet the spiritual needs of all our community;
  • To show support for and with each other through relevant actions and outreach;
  • To open our doors and to share our Faith journey, discovering, growing, and living in Christ;
  • To be a vibrant ‘heart and part’ of the Chelsea community.

Strategic Goals

  • Ensure Parish ministry, activities and events nurture, enhance and feed the spiritual needs of its parishioners and of the community at large.
  • Foster a strong sense of fellowship and community among parishioners of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
  • Increase St. Stephen’s recognition in Chelsea as a welcoming, open and active community organization and as a cornerstone of the community’s historical beginnings.
  • Manage, develop, and support our human and physical resources to best carry out the ministry of the parish, and to achieve long term sustainability.