Useful Links

Encyclopaedic Sites

  • Port Saint-Nicolas ( Information, reflection, etc.
  • Belgium Catholic Church ( – In French only): Activities, links, very thorough site
  • Diocèse du Pontoise, France ( – In French only): Search, current affairs, training, “planicom”, health, youth, families, becoming a christian, parishes, faith and culture, games, diocese, “paroles de vie”

Sites for reflection

  • The daily evangelist ( – In French Only): daily lectures, saint of the day, relevant comments.
  • The “top christian” ( – In French only): for teenagers and adults: reflections, thoughts, etc.
  • Spiritualité dominicaine ( – In French only): images, reflections, books, etc.
  • Chemins ( – In French only): to accompany a christian reflection; connects to other sites with links to evangelists, marriage, the Holy Land, etc.

Catholic Youth Sites (ages 3 to 35)

  • NET Ministries of Canada ( Catholic Evangilization Team
  • Catholic Christian Outreach (

Image & Music Sites

  • Virtual Museum of Canada ( Government of Canada site. Images of Canadian objects (perform a search for a specific image), on-line educational games for kids, etc.
  • NoteWorthy Software ( Software for reading and writing music

Educational Sites

Community Sites