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Ministries with the highest need:

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Liturgy activities impact the greatest numbers of parishioners weekly. Volunteers in this area contribute to the environment in which we worship God (our physical surroundings) and how we celebrate (words, music, instruction, and welcoming new and current parishioners) on a weekly and seasonal basis:

Sacristans: Ensure everything is in place for the Sunday Mass, keeping things we need for Mass clean, and helping to decorate the church for the bigger feasts of Easter and Christmas. (Contact: Larry Dufour 819-827-0296)

Hospitality Greeters: Welcome regular and new parishioners to Sunday mass, hand out missals and parish bulletins and ensure everyone experiences St. Stephen’s as an open and welcoming community. (Contact: Suzanne Gibeault 819-827-9260)

Altar servers: Assist the presiding priest during the mass and consist of all ages: girls, boys, men, and women. (Contact: Larry Dufour 819-827-0296)

Music Ministry: Volunteer choir singers and musicians lead the congregation in song with thoughtfully chosen hymns related to a particular Sunday Liturgy/Eucharist or liturgical season. (Contact: Alanna Keenan 819-827-2213)

Lectors: Proclaim the Word of God to the assembled community and lead the prayers of the faithful. This is typically a once-a-month commitment. (Contact: Larry Dufour 819-827-0296)

Childrens Liturgy Leaders: Provide a child-friendly space to explore and celebrate the first part of the Mass or Liturgy of the Word. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate with their child. (Contact: Sheilagh Murphy 819-827-4627);

Eucharistic Ministers: Assist the Priest to serve the bread and Cup to those assembled. In doing this, they are instrumental in having the persons they serve become the Body of Christ and God’s Covenant people by receiving the Body and Blood of Christ (Contact: Terry O’Byrne 819-827-1286).


Coffee Sunday

Parishioner fellowship occurs the first Sunday of each month following the mass with coffee and refreshments. Volunteers in this ministry help set up, serve, clean up afterwards and close the church. (Contact: David Lawless 819-827-4219)

Communion to the Sick & Homebound

Those wishing to volunteer in this area should contact Father Bill Marrevee at 613-233-3778.

Service / Outreach

Development and Peace

Development and Peace is the national organization of the Catholic Church in Canada that works in close collaboration with hundreds of organizations and grassroots groups in all regions of the world.  Through its projects in the Global South, Development and Peace contributes directly to improving the quality of life for thousands of people. Two annual activities are organised for parishioners: awareness-raising activities in the fall, and the Share Lent campaign which helps raise funds for Development and Peace.  (Contact: Sheilagh Murphy 819-827-4627)

Volunteers helping those in need locally

Support of the local Gatineau Valley Food Bank, Maison Libère-Elles and other local organizations. (Contact: Gary McIntyre 819-827-9426).

Faith Formation

Faith Formation volunteers assist with helping children, youth and adults grow in their life-long relationship with God and deepen their spiritual life and practices through faith education and sacrament preparation. Training, mentoring and assistance (as needed) are provided to those wishing to help.

Baptism (all ages) – Volunteers and/or the priest will meet and assist those wishing to prepare for this first sacrament of initiation. Baptisms are usually celebrated with families on Sunday afternoons.

First Communion (7 years+) and Confirmation (15+ years):  Volunteers help with preparation sessions prior to or during the Lenten and Easter seasons. These sacraments are typically celebrated after Ester during a regular Sunday mass.

Marriage Preparation: Volunteers help at the Diocese level to help couples gain insights into themselves as individuals and as a couple in preparing them for a life-long commitment to each other.

Registration for these and the sacrament of Marriage are done in the Sacraments section of this site.

Faith Formation & Discussion Sessions

Organized throughout the year by members of the Parish Pastoral Council on current or relevant themes of interest: Laudato Si Pope’s Encyclical discussions, Lenten Parish Mission with Archbishop, etc.

(For more information on any of the above contact: Sheilagh Murphy 819-827-4627 or Father Bill Marrevee 613-233-3778 to help out.)

Fundraising & Events

Opportunities to assist with fundraising and events occur throughout the year i.e., Annual draw/parish dinners. (Contact: Gary McIntyre 819-827-9426)

Communications & Public Relations

Writers, editors, translators and graphic designers as well as volunteer greeters for ‘Open Doors’. (Contact: Suzanne Gibeault 819-827-9260).

Parish Pastoral Council

A consultative body who in collaboration with the Pastor, provides leadership, direction, education, resources and encouragement in the parish’s accomplishment of their mission under the four poles of parish life: liturgy, faith formation, fellowship and service/outreach in accordance with the vision of the Diocese of Gatineau-Hull.

Chair: Sheilagh Murphy. Pastor: Father Bill Marrevee Members: Larry Dufour, Suzanne Gibeault, David Lawless, Gary McIntyre. We always welcome new members. We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7 pm at St. Stephen’s. (Contact: Sheilagh Murphy for more information 819-827-4627)

Fabrique Wardens

An ecclesiastical corporation operating under the Fabrique Act (1966) whose object is to acquire, possess, hold and administer property for the practice of the Roman Catholic religion in the parish for which it is constituted. Practically speaking, the Fabrique ensures the administrative and financial management of the Parish.The Fabrique consists of 6 wardens elected by parishioners; chairperson appointed by the Bishop).

Chair: Jérôme Doutriaux (819-927-0694).  Wardens: Heath Baxa (Fundraising, Liaison Art Centre 819-592-2915), Suzanne Gibeault (Communications 819-827-9260), David Lawless (Secretary 819-827-4219), Pierre LeBel (Vice-President & Treasurer 819-827-0993); Gary McIntyre (Tithe, Annual Draw, Cemetery 819-827-9426), Jean-Marie Schingh (Buildings & Grounds 819-827-3306).

Consider financially supporting the parish…  Please also visit our Ways to Give page.