Support St. Stephen’s Church


We are called to participate in God’s mission and in a lifestyle of discipleship – as individuals and as a faith community. Stewardship of the parish implies the responsible planning and managing of all resources. Like most churches, St. Stephen’s relies on the generosity of its parishioners for time spent, abilities applied and financial donations to keep the church doors open and operating as a place of worship. This is no small task with aging churches, mounting heating costs and constant repair and upkeep.

Ways to Give

There are various ways you can financially give to St. Stephens, most of which are eligible for Income tax receipts. The six main ways are (but should not be limited to):

1. Donating Online

One of the easiest and quite popular ways is online donating and of which many parishioners and community supporters take advantage. To find out how, click on the image below which will take you to the Archdiocese of Gatineau’s online tool where you can identify St. Stephen’s Parish and the various ways online giving may be done.

Button to make an online donation

2. Envelopes for Weekly Donations at Mass

Many Parishioners like to donate this way using cash and/or cheques which they insert into their own weekly envelopes. If you would like a set of envelopes for your donations, please contact the Administrator.

The envelopes for the current year are at the back of the church and for parishioners who donated this way last year. Ensure your box of envelopes has your correct name spelling and address as this is how your receipts will be issued. Correction should be brought to the attention of the Administrator.  Please also consider donating in the Initial Offering envelope to help cover the administrative costs of printing these envelopes and the accounting software used.

3. Donating through your Employer

Another popular way to give is through workplace charitable campaigns like the United Way. Donors have the option to select organizations and oftentimes churches can receive donations this way. Simply identify St. Stephen’s as the desired charity using the Parish charitable organization number which you can obtain from the parish Administrator.

4. Annual Tithe Campaign

The annual Tithe Campaign for all area churches is launched in the spring of each year with a direct mail approach targeting parishioners, non-parishioners and surrounding community and businesses. St. Stephen’s Parish, along with many others in the Archdiocese of Gatineau, have traditionally been most fortunate to benefit from this campaign. Generally a follow-up mailout occurs in the autumn as a reminder and which may include campaign news or new developments donors may wish to know.

5. Special Collections and Fundraisers

Throughout the year the church will have special collections in aid of an immediate need or a fundraiser like a Parish and community-wide dinner, bake sale or raffle. All of these activities are good ways to ensure the church is able to continue to carry out their mission and effect anticipated or unanticipated expensive repairs or maintenance.  Note that income tax receipts are not issued in support of these types of events.

6. Making bequests to St. Stephen’s in your Will

St. Stephen’s has in the past received bequests that were identified in someone’s Last Will and Testament. A bequest for a specific purpose or as a general gift to be used at the discretion of the Parish are usually the options most will consider at the time of preparing their Wills.

Consider donating your time and talents…  Please also visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.